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Searching for Forum Help!

Post  Britney on Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:55 pm

Hello BA Forum go-ers,

Our little forum is growing in membership, which is very exciting. Jack has been tireless in his recruiting of Alums, and for that we thank him very heartily!

What I'd love to start doing is recruiting moderators for each of our different sections of the forum (the green room, photo gallery, job openings, etc.) so that you all can feel more connected to and in charge of what happens in this forum. Up until now I have been in charge of keeping everything going, but I'd love to have some help!!

In case some of you are new to the world of online forums (no shame in that!) I'll give you a rundown of what a moderator does:
-upholds the standards of the forum community (making sure we're all playing nice together)
-oversees the conversations in the forum (makes sure that the threads stay on topic)
-splits off any off topic conversations into their own threads
-stimulates new conversations

Essentially, moderators are there to keep everything running smoothly and make sure everyone is getting along (not a real problem with this group, I'm sure). As far as time commitment, it would probably entail visiting the forum at least once a day, checking your section and making sure that everything is A-OK. I'd also go to you for input on additions to the forum.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please PM (Private Message) me and let me know which section you are interested in moderating. Since there are currently 7 sections, I'm looking for at least 7 moderators.

Thank you all for being here and staying connected.

Happy Chatting!


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