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Post  Britney on Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:22 pm

Hello Everyone!

A few announcements from one of your proud Admins:

*Finally a BA Drama Forum!! Our mission is to help BA Drama alums connect and re-connect with friends from school, find jobs, talk about theatre and generally keep each other updated on what's going on in their lives. We're trying to create a semi-tangible network of BA Drama alums here on the forum, so the more the merrier! Invite your other Drama alum friends and help the network grow.

*Jack is currently in charge of notifying alums about the Forum, so send him the e-mails of anyone you think might want to join (if you think he doesn't already have them! We all know Jack...)

*I'll be adding more main topics to the forum as time goes on and the need arises. For now, if you have any brilliant suggestions for main topics, send me a message via the Forum and I'll post them. We're open to suggestions! After all, this is your Forum.

*Jeremy Pickard suggested that we add a section to the profiles (just below "Job") that asked you to specify any other interests you may have (whether they be theatre related or not). For example, if normally you direct but you've always wanted to tap dance, list tap dancing as an "other interest." That way if someone is looking for a tap dancer, they can find you! Jeremy's example was a bit more exciting than mine (you can read it on the "Summer Plans" topic in News and Updates) but I think you get the point. We all have hidden talents. What's yours?

That's all for now. Thanks to all who have joined and happy posting!

-Britney '08

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